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Dr Fabric laundry & Dry cleaning services is one of the best laundry services in Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh with reasonable prices. We offer all kinds of Washing, Steam Press, and Dry cleaning services. We offer the best washing and steam ironing services. 

Note: We only use Surf Excel washing liquids and Comfort fabric softener for For Softness, Shine & Long Lasting Freshness which keeps your clothes fresh and new for a long time. 

We offer washing of Shoes Saree Kurta Shirt/Pant Blazer Blazer set Blouse Bag Blankets Doormat Curtains Jacket Pillow covers Bedsheets Comforters 


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50,000 Customers, with Ratings 4.8+

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We offer free pickup and delivery services as well in Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh

Prices and Services
Wash & Fold Wash & Iron Dry Cleaning
Pick/Drop Free Free Free
Charges ₹60/Kg ₹90/kg ₹90/Piece
Service Wash Wash Dry wash
Service Dry Dry  Stain removal
Service Fold Iron Premium Care
Service Professional packing Professional packing Professional packing
Delivery 24Hours 24Hours 24Hours

Dr Fabric Laundry, offers a wide range of services that matches every customer needs. Choose from our pocket friendly services for all your home wear, office wear, woollens and party wear. 

We offer these services at our [city] laundromat

  • Wash & Fold
  • Wash & Ironing
  • Steam Ironing
  • Dry Cleaning 

Dr Fabric Laundry is a trustworthy laundromat in [city]. We use one of the best industrial washing machines for quicker service with minimal water and electricity consumption. With industry experts in our staff, steam ironing, folding, and other services like dry cleaning and stain removal are quality-driven. Our laundromat service process is created to make sure that every customer benefits. We offer excellent laundry service at affordable prices and free pick-up and drop of your clothes. Customers can choose the express delivery service at our [city] outlet for quick services.

Dr Fabric Laundry Others
Eco Friendly wash
Optimal Usage of Water
Quality Service
Adherence to Label Instructions
100% Friendly Fabric Care
Steam Press, wrinkle-free clothes
Dry Cleaning and Woollens
Zero Fabric Shrinkage
Zero Stain 
Prolonged Fabric Life
Whiteness Guaranteed

We at Dr Fabric Laundry [city] focus on sustainability, customer benefit and the environment. With eco-friendly industrial machines, we ensure hygienically clean fabric for all customers. We take pride in maintaining minimum water and electricity usage. We strictly follow COVID safety guides at all our laundry outlets in [number] + cities. Every staff member at [city] outlet is trained to follow all safety and hygiene protocols. We have a strict adherence policy to following instructions given on care labels. We treat every fabric with the necessary care it comes recommended with. 
At the Dr Fabric laundromat [city], we are careful of colour bleeds. Before putting clothes into any machines, they are tested for colour bleed. Clothes in danger of colour bleed are first washed separately. 
The experienced staff at Dr Fabric understand the nuances of every fabric. Powered with in-depth knowledge of laundry techniques and fabric care, our staff at [city] is trustworthy. 
Your whites are intact, and your coloureds are bright. Our staff are known for their attention to detail. The work is always done within the scheduled time frame, with a free pick-up and drop facility. Most importantly, we value our customers’ requirements and time!
We also care for your home linens, shoes, sarees, kurtas, shirts, pants, blazer sets, blouses, blankets, comforters and doormats. Get in touch with our experts to know more about how our experts can help you.

  • Free Pick-Up and Drop


  • Stain removal
  • Disinfectant for all clothes
  • Cuff and Collar Cleaning
  • Use of Softener
  • Free Pick-Up and Drop Service

At Dr Fabric Laundry , we understand the importance of extra care for your fabric. We understand the needs of every customer. Our tailor-made services are to ensure that clothes last longer and stay in their best condition. Our customers reviews speak volumes as they prefer the services we offer in Vidisha,Madhya Pradesh





Dr Fabric laundromat at Vidisha,Madhya Pradesh offers free pick-up and drop-off at the client’s convenience. With the convenience of an online booking app, clients can choose our express delivery service.

To know more about our services, Express Delivery Service and Regular Service, feel free to walk into our Vidisha,Madhya Pradesh store. You are welcome to speak with our experts and get your queries answered. You can also go through the FAQ section on the webpage.

Alternatively, downloading the app is the next best way to book your service. Schedule a pickup in 5 sec, pay instantly and view real time updates. 

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